Irish Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale in Delhi, NY. We  have the rare colors of Black and Tan Russell Terriers imported from Ireland.
~It’s our honor to raise wonderful Irish Black and Tan Jack Russell Terrier puppies ~
Aislinge Bray Terriers
~At Aislinge Bray, conscientious breeding is our utmost responsibility~
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Irish Black and Tan Jack Russell Terrier puppies
Our next litter is due to whelp on January 21, 2015.
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Holiday Season!
Fill out a reservation request form to touch base with us or give us a call at 607-746-2655.

Interested in adopting an adult dog? Quick link to Adult Dogs
We have a few lovely Irish Black and Tan Jack Russell Terrier adult dogs looking for loving homes.
Dogs that are past the puppy stage and settled down.

Breeding pure Irish Black and Tan Jack Russell Terriers from old established lines imported from Ireland.
Our Jacks are calmer and less aggressive than many other small breeds. Black and Tans are not barkers, NOT the so called "yappie" little dogs. They bark at appropriate time and then settle down. They're little shadows sticking close even when outside and do not tend to running off. Our puppies are superb companions with loving personalities and are suitable for most all ages and lifestyles. We strive to improve our line of dogs with each generation. Breeding for wonderful temperaments, genetic health and good structure.
Irish Black and Tan Jacks are a rare breed of dog.
Aislinge Bray's puppies are given the Vigor of Life test just after birth, receive early neurological stimulation in the Super Dog program, receive Early Puppy Imprinting, follow the Rule of Sevens and are socialized to sounds, sights, smells, tastes, touch, dogs and people. They experience grooming, nail trimming, are litter box trained and receive early "reward/lure based" obedience training and very basic low impact agility training.
What do you get? Our puppies will have a microchip, be vet checked and have their first distemper complex vaccine. They come with important information on feeding, health, socialization and training advice. Our goal is to help you reach your goal by giving you some helpful tools that will make the you time you spend raising your puppy as successful as possible and your experience wonderful and rewarding. The end result being a loving, well trained, fun to be with companion.
Our Black and Tan Jack Russell Terrier puppies are looking for loving, 'forever' homes and if you can provide such a home contact us. You are welcome to visit in order to pick up your puppy or your puppy may be flown to a major airport near you.
When you take an Aislinge Bray Terrier Black and Tan Jack Russell Terrier puppies home, know you are getting a healthy, sane, companion pet with great qualities and wonderful personality traits. You may be curious about the different names and terms the Jack Russell Terriers are known by. The
We are a breeder of dogs that are sometimes know as Shorties, Puddin Jacks, Shorty or Short Legged Jacks, Jack Russell Terrier Puppies, Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies, English Jack Russell Terrier Puppies, Russell Terrier Puppies, Jack Russell Terrier, Hunt Terriers and Euro Russells.
Lily Pily is a story about how Aislinge Bray Terriers began.
Dedicated to our Lily Pily.
Lily Pily is the story about how Aislinge Bray Terrier's breeding program began.

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